Saturday, 13 July 2013

Kid Car Wash!

Joplin's motorway themed party is in 2 weeks and I am busy planning activities for road and car ideas! I saw a pin of this great tricycle wash from Design Mom here and just had to have a go! I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself from start to finish! There are great plans on her website which made the process very easy. They did however refer to US measurements and equipment so I have detailed here the cheapest way I found to put it all together with metric measurements for UK constructors!
After pricing it up from all local DIY stores I found ScrewFix came out the cheapest - around £21 plus the cutters in total as opposed to around £40 in B&Q! Best to shop around! My pvc cutters here were a bit of an extravagance but did save so much time and with bow and arrow making and my new found love of pvc pipe construction I'm sure they will be well used!

I bought 7 X 3m lengths of 21.5mm pipe and split it as follows:-
1 split into 2 X 1.5m lengths
1 split into 3 X 1 m lengths
5 split into 4 X 75cm lengths (= 20 X 75cm lengths). 

I also bought:-
3 packs of 5 x T shaped connectors (and used 11)
2 packs of 5 x L shaped connectors (and used 9)
1 X Hose tap connector (found here )
A few sponges

And I used from around the house:-
An old shower curtain 
An old bit of tarp
an inch of pipe from a previous project. 
3 pool noodles!

I constructed in a very similar way to Design Mom's plans but had to adapt as cross shaped connectors don't seem to be available in the UK. I drilled holes (9 each) in the first 2 cross bars (1m) and also in the end side bars. I have shown my adaptions below on Design Mom's plans (my adaptions in pink).
I finished by cutting the shower curtain and the tarp into strips, tying on sponges and taping on the pool noodles, and here is the end result! I was so pleased with how it came out and had such fun making it! Once the hose was connected and the water was turned on the result was fab! I couldn't resist a quick run under it myself straight away! It was also a very quick make really at under an hour construction made easy by the pipe cutters. The boys love it!


 I just hope it goes down well at the motorway party!