Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Rainbow Bath Week - Day 2: Yellow! Plus some very messy play!

Our Yellow Bath came a little earlier in the day than expected today. The boys wanted to play in the garden. After watching them chatting away at the top of the climbing frame and playing together beautifully for around half an hour, I let them get on with it and took the opportunity to get on with a few chores. Then Joplin ran in to tell me Eden had 'got a bit of mud in his eye' and this was the sight that greeted me.............
So a bath was very much in order! It was very nearly a brown one!
We ran the bath and popped in the yellow food colouring and my delightful son exclaimed "it will be like having a bath in wee wee!" Mmmmm. Not really the effect I was going for!! I added a bit more yellow saying firmly "it will be like a sunshine bath"!

They couldn't wait to get in though and gave me lovely sunshine smiles! 
Eden loved playing with the yellow blocks - "build house!"
And Joplin had great fun with the yellow digger and car eventually parking the digger in the 'garage'

Green tomorrow!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A visit from our Swedish friends

We had a lovely day yesterday when our friends from Sweden came over for a visit! Chad is actually English and an old friend from my London days, however has settled in Sweden with his family and his children are a similar age to my 2. His little boy's language skills are amazing and he is fully bi-lingual! I was very impressed!
The children all got along wonderfully and had great fun playing with trains, rocking out to music and playing in the park. It was great to catch up and I hope we'll be able to see them again in the not too distant future.


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Rainbow Bath Week - Day 1: RED!

Today was the start of our 'Rainbow Bath Week'!

Eden is still pretty unsure of his colours so I thought bathing in colour would be a great help - and if not then lots of fun!!

So we began tonight with a Red Bath! Lots of red food colouring and every Red toy we could find. Joplin said we had to have fire engines as Eden would like that, so that was a must, along with any other red bits and bobs I could find. I think the biggest hit actually was the red water bottle. It caused the biggest arguments anyway!

They were very excited when I called them up for the bath to see it, and wanted more food colouring!

They loved it as they hopped in and Eden's first words were "Red Bath"!! Copying what he heard rather than an observation, but still a good start and we made sure we used the word "Red" a lot during the bath.
They had lots of fun playing with the toys and splashing
 Then Joplin became a bit too splashy and Eden was sad!
 He came up with a cunning plan however.....
They soon made friends again, and spent ages seeing how much water it would take to fill up the Wilkinsons lorry!
Yellow has been requested for tomorrow so I will keep you posted on our rainbow week!

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Thursday, 24 January 2013


I have been working on adding a Superhero Party to the Come To My Party repertoire and thought I'd try out capes to make as an activity. I found a great template here for the capes and used felt. I wanted to make them very user friendly for lots of boys to male at once so I used sticky-back felt. I will probably pre-cut the shapes in a party environment. 
So here's how they turned out! Joplin has been racing around in his ever since!

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Eden and Mummy Day!

We went with our friends to a local play centre today and Eden had a blast!

 We were lucky enough to stumble on a free music session happening whilst we were there and Eden really loved banging on the drums!
 He was pleased to get his brother home though!!
 And I was very impressed when he picked up 2 biscuits and put them together to show me 'Snowman!"

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Cloud experiment!

Joplin was talking about the clouds holding water until it rains the other day, and I remembered seeing a cool 'cloud jar'  experiment floating around on the internet that would be a great way to look at the principals of clouds and rain! 
The bath foam was the cloud floating on the water 'sky'. Joplin slowly dropped coloured water onto the clouds to see how much water the clouds could hold before it started to 'rain'!

 Eventually the clouds became too heavy and it started 'raining'!

 After we had exhausted the possibilities of the cloud experiment I thought I'd use the coloured water to show the different densities of liquids with oil. Joplin was fascinated with the way they didn't mix together like juice does. We dropped in a Milton tablet to give off some bubbles and it was great to see the different way they passed through the water as opposed to the oil.

 He led the experiment from here and wanted to stir it up to see what happened. The whirlwind effect was great and Joplin was fascinated with the way the liquids went back to being separate after the stirring. We talked about how oil is lighter or less dense than water and so it floats. We also talked about how the whirlwind was like a tornado as we watched the Wizard of Oz at Christmas and he liked that bit!

Joplin wanted to add more colouring at this point and it behaved in quite a different way in the oil than the water keeping it's droplet form and clinging to the top of the oil before it fell. 

 He wanted to add more so we thought we'd see what happened when we added milk! It was pretty cool as it first went in seeming to cling down just the sides of the jug as it dropped, but quickly mixed in leaving a pretty murky mess - especially after another good stir!

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