Friday, 30 August 2013

A visit from Sweden

Our friends popped in for the afternoon yesterday. I have known Chad for years from the London days and he now lives in Sweden with his family and his children are similar age to ours. They all got on really well. It is amazing how well Chad's children switch between Swedish and English!

Games Party Fancy Dress

Our very talented friend Mark and Fi threw a party to celebrate mark's 40th last weekend and themed it to 'Games'!
There were some fantastic costumes and everyone put in such an effort!
Twister, Buckeroo, (cowboy outfit with bulging knapsack), Guess Who (cardboard cut outs around necks), Mouse trap ( my favourite - laundry basket on pole over head with boot on stick and all the accessories!) Twister, not to mention the brave hostess as Operation! And the crazy Roulette wheel of the birthday boy!
I enlisted the help of my very clever Auntie Peggy to create my Game Boy outfit! Dan joined me in the theme with a Tetris t shirt I made him!

A fantastic night!!!

Lego mazes!

Mum and Dad gave the boys a load of Lego from my childhood to take back home when we visited last week and we have all been having great fun with it!
I was inspired by this idea to make a lego marble maze and we initially pretty much copied their design.
 I then thought bigger and designed this one! I had great fun and it is very satisfying to play with too! I even let the boys play! :-)

Clacton and Airshow

We had a lovely few days in Clacton and managed to catch the Airshow whilst we were there last week!
The first couple of days were lovely for beach walks and a swim!

 And my mum taught the boys how to play Uno which they loved!
 On the first day of the Airshow sadly the weather wasn't the best, however the boys did a remarkable cycle and skoot a mile and a half along the sea front to the main air show area! And back again!! The Red Arrows were fantastic and the boys haven't stopped talking about them since!

 The second day I cycled down with Dad and the weather was lovely that day. I have never seen Clacton so busy!

 A lovely few days!! Thanks for having us Mum and Dad! xxx

Camping at the White Horse

Our friends found a great spot for camping at the White Horse camp ground. It is fantastically situated right under the white horse carved into the hillside near Weymouth and a really lovely site with lovely facilities and lots of space.
 It was good to set up our tent with the new porch area!
There were 6 families in tents and we had a central gazebo area that the camp site let us move their wooden table under to use.
We set up the camp fire and chilled out!

 It was great that the freedom the campsite gave the children and they were soon off wanting to explore! Here they are on the first day making it to the gate - by the 3rd day the specs were seen through binoculars on the horse itself!!! We didn't expect them to go that far!!!
After a bit of campfire singing it was time for the first night's sleep. Our little monsters were very sweet snuggled up together!
On Day 2 we took a trip into Weymouth. The day started rather misty and rainy but as soon as we hit the beach it began to clear. I had a lovely swim in the sea and the children were just happy for hours digging and splashing!

We could even see the white horse from the beach on the far side of the bay!

A perfect beach lunch of fish and chips were enjoyed...
We had a nice walk back along the port and then found a fish shop where Dan bought some Gurnard to cook up later.

 It tasted great!
 It was a really lovely day and so nice to see the children so happy and playing so well together.
The last day we all made it up to the White Horse. It was a great view from the top!

 Then later we visited Portland Bill - the children loved playing on the rocks!

 A really lovely holiday with some fantastic friends! Bring on the next camping trip!