Friday, 16 September 2011

Eden's Rainbow First Birthday Party!

With 2 boys I am resigned to the fact I will probably never get to throw a fairy birthday party or suchlike!! With Eden's First Birthday party though I figured I still had some influence so I decided a rainbow birthday party was perfect. With Joplin's Octonauts Party only a few weeks past I couldn't face another massive do, but I certainly wanted to do something. It turned out a really nice day - lovely weather, lovely friends and happy children!  Rainbowtastic!

I wanted as many Rainbow foods as I could but also keeping it healthy for toddlers. So we had a rainbow fruit plate and rainbow veg plate. I mad jigsaw sandwiches and the cake as a courgette cake with my neighbours lovely home grown's. I decorated with jelly beans and the pot of gold choc coins!

I had fun joining in rainbow dancing too!!

mmmm Cake!

Making Rainbow hats 

It was lovely having Nannah and Grandad there too!

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