Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Kitchen renovations

We are now at the half way stage with our new kitchen - i.e. the old one has been ripped out and we have nothing until the new one is put in! I thought I'd post a few pics of the work so far....

This was the old kitchen and dining room when we moved in.

Dan soon set to with making the arch between the rooms into a walkway. The radiators were moved from beneath the arch and the arch soon became a more practical floor length. We blocked the kitchen door with a larger more practical fridge and just used the dining room door for both rooms. 

A couple of years and rooms later it was time to properly renovate the kitchen. We decided to switch rooms and make the kitchen in the old dining room with an open plan feel. 

The wall was knocked out completely between the rooms and as it was a supporting wall a steel beam was put in. The dining room door was bricked up. Big sheets of plastic helped keep the dust from the rest of the house - it still got everywhere though!

The kitchen was still functional for a couple of days although we had to find a new dining room!

The next to go was the fireplace. Initially Dan checked to see if a steel beam was needed - luckily it wasn't supporting. The fireplace then came out along with the chimney. 

And today it was time for the whole kitchen to go .... all the boys set to work!

We now have a makeshift kitchen under the stairs!

A blank canvas awaits the next month!