Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Pinboard 2

I have been loving my pin-board / notice-board I made a few months ago and when I found this awesome Roller boot fabric by Melody Miller (Ruby Star Sparkle) it was the perfect project for a wedding present for my gorgeous crazy roller booting friend Angharad and new hubby-to-be Matt.
Here's the result! Hopefully it will be a good place for all their wedding cards!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Eden's 3rd Mini Beasts Party

Eden wanted a 'tincy wincy spider cake' for his birthday party! So we went with the theme and threw a mini beasts party!

The invitations were simple but easy and with of inspiration here I made and sent out these with movable wings! 

I had lots of fun with the food as always. 
Pinterest was an awesome source of inspiration of course!

There were grape caterpillars.....
 Butterfly packets of crackers....
 Mini spider cupcakes (cola laces for legs and mini smartie eyes)

Worms in dirt! (choc moose, biscuit crumbs and added gummi worms!).....
 Bugs on cream cheese crackers (chives as antenna in an olive with half a cherry tomato)...

 I also did mackerel pate ones....
And snail shell sandwiches in peanut butter, Vegemite and cream cheese. 

The cake was Tincy Wincy Spider as ordered! I made it spotty on the inside though for a bit of extra fun!

Eden was happy with it which is the main thing!

Games wise I made a giant lady bird to throw bean bags at!

I also hid plastic spiders and bugs in a sand pit for the children to dig for.
The old climbing frame was 'spiderfied'!
 Craft wise I laid out beads to string in pipe cleaners to make caterpillers and wooden pegs, pens and paper for dragonflies.

And of course the new play house was very well used and loved indeed!!

 It was lovely to have so many of our friends there!

Party bags were a quick dotty finish with a sharpie and some black card and  I filled them with mini beast goodies!

Eden had a wonderful time which is the main thing! I can't believe our little Tincy Wincy Spider is now 3!!

Playhouse update!

Dan has been busy all week updating the playhouse! Check it out here!


Joplin started football this week! After being a bit hesitant and clinging to me for the first 10 minutes, he finally plucked up the courage and joined in - then didn't look back!

He came running back on the water break and just said "I love it!"
  Eden had fun too and kept himself entertained using the footballs as a fire engine to play Fireman Sam!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

First Day of Year 1

What a difference a year makes! Here is Joplin on his first day of school last year and then this year. He has grown up so much in a year!

Monday, 2 September 2013