Thursday, 17 November 2011

Master Bedroom

When we first moved in the room was divided in 2 by a small hallway containing stairs to the loft room. It  didn't really make sense to loose such a great space so we moved the staircase when we re-did the loft conversion and knocked the room back into one again. 

We stripped the wall paper, plaster boarded the ceiling (mainly Dan with occasional help from my very weak aching arms!) had the room plastered, and then Dan decorated.

We then got our friend Dean to make us floor to ceiling wardrobes - I was very excited at the prospect at all that storage!
All the boys helped put them together and install them!

I made a lampshade by winding pva soaked wool around a football then popping it!

The grey wool carpet we have used throughout the house finished the room as did a pair of curtains I made in a similar green to the wardrobes. 

I have been on the look out for a while for a dressing table and was really pleased to find this one on ebay. I love sitting getting ready whilst watching the world go by out of the window. The whole room has a really fresh feel and is lovely to wake up to.