Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Food and Friends with happy campers!

It was really such a lovely weekend camping with friends at Long Compton. There were 8 families which made it so fantastic for the children to have so many friends to play with. Great to just chill for the weekend too with nothing to do but eat, walk, craft and enjoy great company. Haven't felt so relaxed in a long time!

Wand making and crafting on our camping trip

After wand making at the Wilderness festival I was keen to try it again, and a camping trip with lots of children was the perfect opportunity.
I gathered the sticks, leaves, feathers with Hettie and brought them back to the camp. I had brought the wool with me as well as a little glue and fairy dust. I didn't really offer any direction but just lay everything out, started to make my own want and let everyone go with their own designs. Then I just helped out wherever needed.
Yes I have wild camping hair!!!
It was lovely watching everyone getting right into it!

 I loved everyone's final designs! What I didn't expect was how much the eldest boy Peter got into it too with his Harry Potter take on it! He really took his time and made a fantastic wand.

The wands were finished with a little glue and fairy dust to create the magic!
 The rest of the weekend was then taken up by spell duels! I needed a want to hand at all times to ward off Peter's Expelliarmus and Avada Kedavra and even Joplin was shouting 'Smellyamus' at Peter by the weekend's end!!
 The wool was actually such a versatile form of entertainment over the weekend. As well as some embroidery silks that Kate had brought along it became hair wraps, friendship bracelets and to my delight I realised I could remember how to play cat's cradle! Loads of fun!!!

Camping weekend Olympics!

One of the high points of our camping weekend was our Mini Olympics! 
We started with a basic relay race and then came the wheelbarrow race! We began with a mix of kids and grown-ups and I teamed up with Joplin ....
We were slow but steady!
Then came just the kids race and Joplin and Edward made a great team....

Then it was the adults turn - I believe Stella and I won this one!

Next up welly wanging! Eden was more interested in trying on the boots though!

On to the men's swimming. There were 4 'lengths' starting with backstroke, then front crawl, breast stroke and butterfly!

 Then the highlight  - the high-jump! There were some pretty spectacular techniques going on - I think we were pretty lucky that a trip to A&E didn't occur!

 Then it was the adults turn with even more dramatic styles!

My technique certainly lost it's style as the rope got higher!

We finished off with a medal ceremony with medals made from bottle tops and wool. Winning team the Sparky Tigers (not ours! I think we came second!)