Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Nursery Sports Day and Dan's 40th!

 It was the Nursery sports day today and the boys had fun joining in the races. There were no winners which seemed to work for this age-group.
Eden was a bit reluctant but was persuaded to join in with a running race.
Joplin had fun with the sideways 'crab' race
 The 'horsey' race
 and the 'twin' race!

 The staff had a race too
 and Dan joined in with the parents race!

Then it was back home and we played in the garden as it was a lovely day. The neighbour came over to collect some wood and the boys joined in filling up their wheelbarrow just like Daddy!

 After lunch it was birthday cake time!! I made a chocolate cake which actually turned out rather tasty! I used the recipe here although I used chocolate cream cheese icing instead as I didn't have any cream.
 Joplin took these photos!

 Then in the evening dan played with his new birthday present - a bass guitar and amp!! He's been saying for years whenever we go to a gig how he's like to play so I thought his 40th was a good excuse to start learning! He has actually been pretty keen to practice so far so we'll see how he is in a few months!

All in all I think he had a pretty fun day!