Monday, 13 August 2012

Wilderness Festival Day One

We have just returned from the fantastic Wilderness Festival at the weekend. As it is a bit photo heavy I thought I'd blog it in 3 parts - there was just so much to see and do I don't want to miss anything out!
We arrived early Friday morning. Joplin was really useful and carried his own bag as well as Eden's on his front too!

Unfortunately they hadn't sorted out the family camping area at that point and after searching the site and asking the stewards we finally found a nice shady tree instead to camp under and set up the tent. 

The tree was actually one of the highlights of the weekend for the boys and they had a fab time climbing the fallen branches underneath. 

One thing that sets Wilderness Festival apart from other festivals is the opportunity to swim in the lake! It was a hot day and and so beautiful to slip in cool water. The temperature was actually really nice - warmer than our local leisure centre! It was a bit squidgy between your toes at first but so lovely to swim! The boys are great at hanging on to my back when swimming so we got to have a lovely swim about. 

We bumped into our neighbours in Queens Road there who were also at the festival and we all had a swim together. 

Then it was beer and ice-cream o clock!

 We later went to the kids area where there was a drum workshop. It was really great ( I think I enjoyed it more than the boys!)

As the evening progressed we got out the wheel barrow to save small tired legs!

There were all sorts of characters floating around and the boys were fascinated when we bumped into the cat in the hat!
My mum and dad would have loved the table-tennis!! There were also cricket tournaments as well as croquet, swing ball, volleyball and all sorts of activities going on. At one point the tent we were sitting outside of vacated as the whole audience slow motion ran outside to the strains of Chariots of Fire!!

 As night fell the wheel barrow was perfect as a makeshift bed for the sleeping bunnies!