Thursday, 31 May 2012

Paddling pool fun!

The boys have been loving this run of great weather and the paddling pool has been getting loads of use by the boys and their friends! The slide Dan rigged up was a great hit too!

After a trip to a local Lido the boys played really well together with their cars. It's great to see them bonding more and more as they grow up. 

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Bike racing!

We finished off the day yesterday with fish and chips in the park with friends! The children all brought their bikes and had an awesome time racing around the park and then along a bit of a track. It was so nice for the children to have others to hang out with on their bikes and all in all a really lovely evening. 

Friday, 25 May 2012

A busy fun outdoorsy day

It's been a really fun and busy day today!
We started off at a local Children's centre where they have a fantastic sensory garden. 

We then set off to a local farm centre. There are tons of fab playgrounds, sandpits, JCBs to drive and of course animals. Joplin was so proud to hold a guinea pig and I loved the billy goats crossing the troll bridge! I was really proud of Joplin towards the end of the outing when he decided to 'shoot a goal'. He must have thrown the ball around 40 times before it finally went in one of the higher holes and I was really impressed with his persistance. 

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Messy boys!

 We've been enjoying awesome weather lately and when I decided to give the bench another coat of blue paint I thought it best to strip off the boys before I gave them paintbrushes. Good thinking as after two minutes I ended up with 2 smurfs! (sadly not pictured at this point!) A quick hose down and I got the worst off but I figured as messy paint was going down so well we might as well embrace it! Thinking bigger was better I found a cardboard box which they fought over who would crawl inside it as much as paint it! We used lots of techniques with brushes, finger painting and splattering the paint - even bottom prints at some point as well as painting themselves! This kept them interested in a craft activity for lots longer than the usual minute of attention span as new ways to be messy kept appearing! I joined in the mess as you can see by the state of my hands!
Then my two messy boys enjoyed an icecream.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Painting outside

Dan has been on at me for a while to give the bench outside another lick of paint, and finally today I accepted the only way it would be done was with 'help'! We waited until Eden went for his nap and then set to. Joplin really got into it and was very enthusiastic in finishing his sections. A good job done and lots of fun had too!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Make-up fun!

It seems to have been a week of make up obsession for my boys!

Much fun was had in the bath with bath crayon 'lipstick'.....

Then I caught the little pickle today having a whale of a time in my dressing table drawers. He was so pleased with himself - especially when I told him how pretty he looked!

I was decorating some hats with sticky backed diamantes a couple of days ago for my dance class who had made it to the final of a competition. I turned around to find that the hats weren't the only thing that had been decorated! 

Later the boys found the lip gloss and gave each other makeovers! 

They're gonna love these shots when they're 18!