Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Messy boys!

 We've been enjoying awesome weather lately and when I decided to give the bench another coat of blue paint I thought it best to strip off the boys before I gave them paintbrushes. Good thinking as after two minutes I ended up with 2 smurfs! (sadly not pictured at this point!) A quick hose down and I got the worst off but I figured as messy paint was going down so well we might as well embrace it! Thinking bigger was better I found a cardboard box which they fought over who would crawl inside it as much as paint it! We used lots of techniques with brushes, finger painting and splattering the paint - even bottom prints at some point as well as painting themselves! This kept them interested in a craft activity for lots longer than the usual minute of attention span as new ways to be messy kept appearing! I joined in the mess as you can see by the state of my hands!
Then my two messy boys enjoyed an icecream.