Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Cardboard Guitar

Another cereal box finished - after Joplin's 3th bowl this morning! As some wrapping paper also came to an end after wrapping pass the parcels at the weekend for Children's parties the tube and box begged Guitar!! I threaded cut open elastic bands into the cardboard each side of a hole in the box and knotted the elastic, and tied a strap to the guitar. Rock On!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Thunderbird 3 - from cardboard tube and rolled paper!

JJ is Thunderbird mad at the moment! When his new drink bottle arrived this morning from H2Onya he immediately grabbed the cardboard tube it came in and asked for it to be made into Thunderbird 3! We are in the middle of building work at the moment in our kitchen and so I was up to my neck in emptying cupboards into storage, so a decision had to be made - carry on sorting or make a rocket from cardboard ..... easy choice! I happened to have some red sticky back plastic which was perfect, and the other packaging from the bottle came in great too. I also made use of the old wedding mags I was using to wrap glasses etc ruled up into tubes for the 'blast off bits' (technical rocket speak don't you know!).
Anyway, he was over the moon with the result and whooshed around for the rest of the afternoon!

Original drinks bottle and tube. (H2Onya with a flip n flow lid - these are great by the way)

scaffolding - NOT Fireman Sam's pole JJ!

Parked next to the other Thunderbird toys!

Monday, 23 January 2012

A couple of days in Yorkshire!

We are in Yorkshire at the moment visiting my sister and her family. The boys were very excited at spending a few days with their cousins!

The local playground certainly got a 'Wow!' under the breath as we drove up! They had a blast

We then went to the local nearby indoor play centre 

Snacky bowl time......

Then off for a bike ride

And a lovely time was had by all! 

Friday, 13 January 2012

Drum Lesson!

My wonderful friend Jim from World Music Workshops came to visit today and gave the boys both a fantastic drum and a drum lesson! They had a blast! Lovely to see you Jim!