Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Minute Makes

I often wonder why I spend time getting a special project just right for the boys - the finer detail really goes over their heads and I think it's more for my benefit than theirs! When an idea of a project occurs to JJ he would much rather have it there and then than a perfect version a couple of days later.
In the spirit of this, today has been all about 'minute makes'!
As we finished the cereal box and I was just putting it in the recycling JJ asked for a washing machine. I was just about to start the washing up and we were on a schedule to get out the door for nursery but how could I resist a challenge like that!? It's why I became a mum in the first place - to play with cardboard boxes! Anyway a minute or so later (Mr Maker eat your heart out!) here is the result....

To be fair, he's played with it all day and wouldn't go to bed until his rinse load had finished (something I am actually waiting up for right now funnily enough!)

The other project of the day has resulted from Dan discarding a pair of worn out work trousers. Saving them from the bin I chopped off a leg, snipped down the seam and along the hem and voila! a superhero cape! JJ loves it and I then had to make one for bunny too! I did suggest a batman symbol on the back or even a J but he really wasn't bothered and just wanted to race around and generally hang out being a superhero! 

I split the hem not quite to the edges for a neck hole then knotted it to make it fit better

2 zips and velcro bits left over for another project!

I admit very rough around the edges indeed but a quick fix for a very happy superhero!