Monday, 9 January 2012

Busy day!

Busy day yesterday! 

It began with a good stint of child labour! 

I then thought I'd have a a go at a word families gadget I saw on pinterest. It was a bit stiff at first but worked a lot better with a bit of vasaline around the inside join. JJ is familiar with CAT as a sight word so while it initially took a while to get the concept, I kept going back to Cat and he soon was really getting to grips with the words. We repeated with Me (the sight word he knows) Be She He etc., then Man Pan Can Fan etc. then finally Clap (another familiar word) Map, Cap etc. 

Then Eden wanted to join in a game so JJ begged for green playdough - despite the perfectly good purple play dough in the cupboard! The speciality was making pancakes which he assured me wouldn't set off the smoke alarm! (Now that says a lot about when I make pancakes!)

I left them to it then and Daddy took charge when I set off to entertain 37 four and five year olds at a birthday party. We did crafts dancing and games and made these rocket ship bookmarks. It was all sticky-back foam so was easy on the mess. The glitter was cut from a Christmas decoration. I tried a new dressing up relay race which the children loved! Next time I do it I will make sure the models have a parade at the end though as it would have been a great photo opportunity for the parents! They all seemed to have a good time anyway. 

Back home and a new game was invented - toss Bunny into the laundry bin! Every time he succeeded we moved the bin a bit further away! Great fun!

Then Eden did a spot of climbing! The mantlepiece is his favourite spot!

Daddy then let me have a lovely bath whilst he took the kids to the park! Then we all popped to a local pub for a quick juice and a play with their blocks! Lovely end to the day! 

Don't know which boy was more pleased with their tower!!

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