Monday, 6 February 2012

Giant Bean Bag Tutorial

I have been wanting a big bean bag for ages!
I searched around for an easy pattern for a while and found this post on recycling t-shirts into beanbags helpful on Instructables.
I really wanted to make mine out of a nice cuddly fleece. The fabric I found was 150cm wide so I wanted to utilise the size in the best way. I ended up needing 4 and a half metres.
I used the beach ball idea of a beanbag pattern with 6 pieces fitting into each other.

This meant that each piece had to have a angle of 60 degrees at the top (360/6).
I made a pattern piece 60cm wide and 180cm high and cut 6 from my piece of 150cm X 450cm fabric. I found the best way to utilise the fabric was to stagger them  as shown:-


I cut them out by folding in half lengthways

They were then sewn together with sections fitting into each other at top and bottom. I double sewed each seam - I don't want an explosion of poly beads all over the house any time soon!

I recycled a zip from an old bag and positioned it across the points where the sections meet on the bottom. 

I initially made the bean bag out of a couple of old duvets and very roughly measured and cut without a pattern - the  result was huge - a bit too huge and my 21 cubic feet of polystyrene beads were lost inside it's  vastness! 

It made a great lining though which it definitely needed - again in case of any escaping beans. 
I made sure I kept to my paper pattern for the real fabric!
I love the end result and as a girl who generally prefers the floor to a chair, I'm sure I will have many a cosy  evening snuggled into it. It's the perfect size for cuddles too!!

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