Monday, 30 July 2012

Joplin's Birthday Weekend

We had a lovely weekend with my parents staying for both the party and the morning of Joplin's birthday. Joplin got so many lovely pressies including a drill he is now trying to take apart everything in the house with, a bike computer, Jupiter (fireman Sam's engine) and the fire station, and a few bootsale bargains from myself and Dan including a Buzz Lightyear both for Joplin and Eden each to save arguments (a fabulous £4.50 for the 2 and still mostly working fine!). Another present I had always secretly wanted myself was a View Master. He oves the control of deciding which reel to put in and we even managed to find a few Thunderbird reels! 

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Friday, 27 July 2012

Fire Engine from cardboard boxes

With the Fireman Sam party soon approaching I thought I'd make a cardboard fire engine! I had been planning this for a while - ever since the fridge arrived (this post) and I put aside the box with plans in mind!
I managed to assemble the boxes while amazingly both boys had a nap at the same time. 

I cut out the appropriate holes (note the door is taped up and moved in later shots as I realised that is where the back wheels should go!)

I began painting it a little later - the colour is the one we had originally bought for the kitchen wall! I'm glad we left the wall white in the end as fire engine red would have been a bit too much!

The next day I added the details.

Joplin wanted to decorate the inside with pictures from his magazine. 

Your comments make my day! Do let me know what you think!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Play Day at the Park

The local park had a Play Day today aimed at pre-schoolers and it was a really great treat right on our doorstep. It was such a lovely hot day too and as Dan was on late shift he could join the fun with us. 

Joplin loved the Ambulance (Amblyance) and kept wanting to go back to have another look. It was interesting for them to explore it.

The Oxford Playhouse tent  was fantastic with the most interesting dressing up box I have ever seen!

There was also a reading nook which was a lovely way to chill out before a funny play about bath time by two actors. 

I loved the 2D decor and was quite inspired by this vase - interesting 2D idea I may give a go at some time!

There was a bubble area with giant bubble blowers that Eden did his very best to make a bubble with!

Then there was fantastic junk modelling with tons of messing paint, boxes and accessories. 

 It wasn't long before Eden wanted to paint himself instead!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Sunny BBQ!

The sun finally is shining enough to plan stuff!! Just for the next couple of days ahead anyway but we managed to invite a few friends to a BBQ. 

Our friends Dan and Claire with their gorgeous 3 week old daughter Mila came to play!

 And she got to hang out with month older Eric -  it was very sweet to see them side by side and crazy the difference a month's growth makes.

The new Daddies played with slings!

Then there was a spot of baby washing (the dolly babies!). 

The climbing frame was well used and Eden discovered a new trick!

Mabel had just turned 4 and loved her new chain-stich rainbow top I made. 

The day was finished with some quiet drawing before a very late 9.30 bed time!