Friday, 6 July 2012

Art and writing

Joplin's urge to write and draw has really changed in these last few weeks and he is really broadening his horizons. From his first pictures a few months ago of himself, he discovered how to draw rainbows a few weeks ago. In this last week he has wanted to draw more and more and is really using his imagination. I love his rocket ship and the way he turned a rectangle into a window with him inside as well as his name. Always obsessed with maps he decided today to draw the M40!

Self porttrait looking through a window
The M40!
Sun and rain make a rainbow!
(rocket ship)
Joplin has been able to write his name for a while now and copy words and write to dictation however I was amazed and so touched today when Joplin brought me this ..

Massive hugs and a few tears for that one! Bless him!!