Sunday, 8 July 2012

Cake Stand Making!

I've always wanted a cake stand and with the boys' Christening coming up it was a perfect excuse!

I had a couple of mis-matched plates but both white and floral with a gold wavy edge. 

I first drew around the plate on a piece of paper, cut it out and then folded to find the middle. 

I laid it over the plate and marked the plate in the middle. 

To drill porcelain is tricky and you really need a diamond drill bit. I picked mine up from ebay for a couple of pounds. 

I put masking tape over the middle dot on the plate to give the drill some initial grip. I then drilled at an angle until the whole began to form when I could then move the drill more upright. 

It took a few minutes of drilling before the drill finally made the full hole. It will get very hot so rinse it under the tap before you touch it!

 I bought cake stand fittings on ebay for a bargain £1.29 and they were so easy to fit. The foam washers protected the plate and the stand can easily be taken apart when not in use.

Although it screwed nicely into the base, the raised screw did leave the plate with a slight wobble and I was worried it may scratch the table, so I cut a circle and ring of self adhesive foam to pop over the screw on the base. This stabilised it really well and also left a great surface. 

I was so pleased with how it turned out I thought I'd give it another go with records from a charity shop. This was super easy as the holes were already there and so effective! 

As I wanted the bottom plate slightly raised from the table I added a base of a spare bit of junk left over from a juicer Dan dismantled! I drilled a central hole and then screwed it to the base with the stand fixings

The great thing again about this stand is how well it dismantled to be put away. 

Here's the plates in action!

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