Friday, 6 July 2012

Our Boys' Christening

 We had a lovely day last Sunday with Joplin and Eden's Christening.

Preparations began a few weeks ago -
Here is one of the invites I made ....
I baked cupcakes and scones like crazy and then froze them. (Around 70 cupcakes and scones!) I then thawed them the night before and iced the cupcakes on the day. I also made gingerbread Js and Es the day before. 

Mum and Ann made a fabulous array of sandwiches and creamed and jammed scones which was a massive help, and John pitched in with a very creative Crudités Rainbow.  

I didn't know what t put on my mini cake stand, then I found this idea for cucumber cups which I really enjoyed. 

It was fantastic to have so many family and friends turn up. The vicar Sue was great and really family friendly and it was a really lovely service. 
The boys behaved really well and even Eden didn't scream too much at the font!

My sister Nikki played piano at the end of the ceremony beautifully in certainly not the easiest song to play - Children Will Listen by Steven Sondheim. It is one of my favourite songs - especially after having children myself and it was lovely to have the chance to sing it at such an occasion. 

There was time for photos with the boys' wonderful Godparents outside the church before we all rushed home in a shower of rain - luckily just a quick one and the only real shower of the day. 

Our youngest members of the Christening seemed to enjoy it too - Jasmine at 3 weeks slpet through the whole thing and Erik had some lovely cuddles from all including Harriet down the road.

After getting the gazebo up as a just in case the weather stayed pretty fine although cloudy and once Matt got the guitar out the real party started! After a few songs from Matt, my highlight was my Dad singing and playing including special request from Evie 'Puff the Magic Dragon' - a real family favourite! It turned into a real jam with Mathew and the children joining in on the drum!

Godfather Richie Rich certainly fulfilled his Godparently duties and entertained the children fabulously! In fact the trampoline definitely got some use adult and child alike and at one point it was populated by grown-ups on the inside and the kids sliding down the outside poles! 

After 5 biscuits and who knows how many buns (well it was his day and I only found out afterwards!) Joplin did at least have some watermelon. And yes he was a bit sick before bedtime!! Will he learn his lesson? Probably not!

Official Fairy Godmother Angharad sported her wings fabulously and brought some sparkle to the occasion! 

A good time seemed to be had by all and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the day and I think the boys did too!

Thank you so much to everyone who came and made our boys' Christening day so special. 

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