Sunday, 13 May 2012

T Shirt Stencilling

I was busy yesterday making costumes for the kids I teach street dance to as they were in the finals of Banbury Can Dance today!
As I had 8 to make I bought I'd go for quick and easy with supplies I had to hand! I ordered 8 tshirts which only arrived Friday, and decided to stencil the word 'Crew' onto them graffiti style (They are called the BC Crew).
I tried stencilling initially with printed and cut out card but the edges curled and it was hard to stay in place. I then printed and cut out the word onto sticky backed foam which worked a treat! The adhesive stayed on place easily for all 8 tshirts and the foam was ideal to stencil through.
I used silver fabric paint brushed on but felt it needed more definition so I grabbed a black permanent marker and outlined the letters. It really made them stand out! I sealed the prints when dry with a hot iron so hopefully both the paint and marker pen will stay on when washed! Well it does say permanent marker so fingers crossed!

I then customised baseball hats with diamantes - I was pretty pleased with how they turned out.

Anyway the BC Crew did fantastically and scored all 9s from the judges! I'm sure the costumes helped too!