Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Camping weekend Olympics!

One of the high points of our camping weekend was our Mini Olympics! 
We started with a basic relay race and then came the wheelbarrow race! We began with a mix of kids and grown-ups and I teamed up with Joplin ....
We were slow but steady!
Then came just the kids race and Joplin and Edward made a great team....

Then it was the adults turn - I believe Stella and I won this one!

Next up welly wanging! Eden was more interested in trying on the boots though!

On to the men's swimming. There were 4 'lengths' starting with backstroke, then front crawl, breast stroke and butterfly!

 Then the highlight  - the high-jump! There were some pretty spectacular techniques going on - I think we were pretty lucky that a trip to A&E didn't occur!

 Then it was the adults turn with even more dramatic styles!

My technique certainly lost it's style as the rope got higher!

We finished off with a medal ceremony with medals made from bottle tops and wool. Winning team the Sparky Tigers (not ours! I think we came second!)