Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Wilderness Festival Day Two

The tree was a big hit again in the morning for the boy's breakfast whilst I popped the kettle on for a cuppa!

We headed to the kids area first thing where the Flying Seagull Project was entertaining with circus style fun. 

Joplin loved having a bash on the drum kit!
We then headed to the craft tent where Joplin made a mask and I made a tutu!

 Joplin then made his own fairy house  with sticks, grass, feathers, sawdust for protection and finishing off with a sprinkling of fairydust!

 There was so much to do and see. We passed this cookery class happening on how to home smoke trout!
 Then it was time to make Fairy wands! It was such a fun workshop. Firstly we had to spin a spinner to decide what season we were - Joplin and I were both Summer. We then had to sniff summer pots to see which tree picked us. I was Hazel which means wisdom (!) and Joplin was Crab Apple which means love.  We decorated the different twigs with wool, leaves, feathers and of course fairy dust to make them properly magical. Joplin got a bit cross afterwards though as he kept on pointing it at things and then saying it didn't work!! I had to remind him that his was a 'love' wand and so he was spreading love - I think he'd have preferred to turn someone into a frog though!

We watched some good music on the main stage. It was nice as it was a small festival that you could easily see the band's faces from an area you could just sit on the grass. There was no need for big TV screens or being jammed in a huge mass of standing people. 

Joplin and Eden loved playing and dancing to the music!

 A quick change into warmer clothes as the evening drew in and we hit the bubble stand to play with bubbles!