Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Wilderness Festival Day Three

Day Three and the boys had a great time running around as we packed up the tent. 

We headed to a new craft area where we did some painting. the idea was to practice on card before you painted a tile - Joplin didn't quite get it and painted a picture of a tile! 

We then did an awesome craft activity decorating a record and turning it into a clock!
After choosing a record it was placed on a turn table attached to a bike and as it spun Joplin dropped paint onto it! the results were really effective and great fun to do.

The boys finally crashed out whilst we watched the awesome Grant Lee Buffalo on the main stage. A really great sound for a festival and a fantastic set.
 Back and running as Spiritualised came on.

The last bonus of the weekend was finding hay bales and more little boys to play with. 

 Joplin signed off by writing his name in the straw to leave his mark in the wilderness!

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