Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Fire Station!!! and playing at Firemen!

We had an awesome treat today as an extension to Joplin's Fireman Sam Birthday Party .... a trip to the local Fire Station!!! The fireman (on the Green Watch team) were absolutely fantastic and couldn't do enough for the kids. We watched them dismantle a car with the 'Jaws of Life' (see - I learn something from my Fireman Sam education!) and other exciting 'toys', then it was off to be shown around a real fire engine!

They got to see what was in all the compartments - the hoses, electricals,  fan, pumps and tools. 

Then the children got to actually climb into the fire engine!!!

 There was a real treat when then was a 'call out' with a printed out message wishing Joplin a Happy Birthday!!

Then it was time to play with the hoses! I had a go too and I can't believe how much pressure was behind the water!

Dan tried on the uniform - not quite in 'less than 7 seconds flat' like Fireman Sam! He looked good though! 

The fireman kept everyone entertained and really explained everything well. 

Then the fire engine actually drove the children around the block which they loved

Such a massive THANKYOU! to the Green Watch at Banbury Fire Station! The children will be talking about this for ages!