Saturday, 4 August 2012

Messy Play at East Street

I love Messy Play at East Street! The boys love getting stuck in to all the icky stuff and I don't have to clear up!! They have so much imagination with all the things they do there.

The first thing Eden spotted when we arrived was the jelly tray - supposedly for tactile stimulation but it wasn't long before the toddlers had eaten pretty much all of it!!

When the majority was in little tummies they decided on their own to transfer it to a new place. The concentration was intense as they picked it up then carefully transfered it to a washing up bowl a few feet away. 

The soap flakes tray was really interesting - it had a really mouldable quality and Eden loved drawing patterned in it with a stick. It was filled with rubber creatures like frogs and snakes and was a great play environment. 

A giant connect 4 was transformed into a water wall with coloured water and balls. The children had races to get the balls from one tray to the other. 

Joplin had great fun trying to climb a tree. 

Then we went inside for a snack and to paint on a giant piece of cardboard (and on me - thanks Mabel and Eden!!)

The massive tray of pasta provided play meals whilst Eden climbed and played peekaboo in the soft play.