Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Meeting the Mini Beasts!

We went with our friends Emily Ruby and Jake to an awesome mini beasts workshop today at the National Herb Centre hosted by .
The experience actually started as we left home with next door's buddleia bush attracting the most fabulous butterflies!

 At the Herb Centre Paul started by bringing out the stick insects. I was surprised at Joplin's enthusiasm to hold them which continued throughout the session.


 Eden was fascinated too!
There was then a chance to stroke a cockroach! I declined that one but the boys were still keen!
 Then the giant snails came out!

And even tarantellas!!

 It was really interesting to see genuine 'really hungry caterpillars' with their coccoons.
 And the millipedes were massive! Joplin asked if they were being carried along by ants! He couldn't believe they were all the millipede's legs!
Emily was asked to hold a toad! She was very brave but declined to kiss it!
 It was then passed around....

 .... along with some reptiles and even snakes!

 I was so impressed that the children were so up for holding all the creatures!
A great fun afternoon!