Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Christmas Food

Dan took care of most of the Christmas meals. We had a jerk ham with eggs and chips on Christmas Eve, then a stunning Christmas dinner of roast chicken with tons of veg and yorkshires, with a prawn cocktail starter and sticky toffee pudding for afters. Perfect! Eden loved chomping on the chicken bones as much as the meal I think!

Boxing Day we had mostly cold meats when my sister came over. There was tons of leftover ham (still is!) and Dan cooked an extra chicken with leftovers in mind. I made a Christmas cheese board with olives, blueberries and tomatoes amongst the different cheeses and sprigs of thyme. (The star was a babybel). 

 Eden helped out too by making decorating gingerbread christmas tree cookies!

 I also made chocolate covered marshmallow reindeer with raisin eyes, pretzel ears and smartie noses - (another pinterest inspired along with the cheese board!) - they really should sell just the red smarties at Christmas for reindeer noses!

All in all Christmas was a real feast as well it should be!

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