Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Rainbow Bath Week - Day 1: RED!

Today was the start of our 'Rainbow Bath Week'!

Eden is still pretty unsure of his colours so I thought bathing in colour would be a great help - and if not then lots of fun!!

So we began tonight with a Red Bath! Lots of red food colouring and every Red toy we could find. Joplin said we had to have fire engines as Eden would like that, so that was a must, along with any other red bits and bobs I could find. I think the biggest hit actually was the red water bottle. It caused the biggest arguments anyway!

They were very excited when I called them up for the bath to see it, and wanted more food colouring!

They loved it as they hopped in and Eden's first words were "Red Bath"!! Copying what he heard rather than an observation, but still a good start and we made sure we used the word "Red" a lot during the bath.
They had lots of fun playing with the toys and splashing
 Then Joplin became a bit too splashy and Eden was sad!
 He came up with a cunning plan however.....
They soon made friends again, and spent ages seeing how much water it would take to fill up the Wilkinsons lorry!
Yellow has been requested for tomorrow so I will keep you posted on our rainbow week!

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