Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Rainbow Bath Week - Day 2: Yellow! Plus some very messy play!

Our Yellow Bath came a little earlier in the day than expected today. The boys wanted to play in the garden. After watching them chatting away at the top of the climbing frame and playing together beautifully for around half an hour, I let them get on with it and took the opportunity to get on with a few chores. Then Joplin ran in to tell me Eden had 'got a bit of mud in his eye' and this was the sight that greeted me.............
So a bath was very much in order! It was very nearly a brown one!
We ran the bath and popped in the yellow food colouring and my delightful son exclaimed "it will be like having a bath in wee wee!" Mmmmm. Not really the effect I was going for!! I added a bit more yellow saying firmly "it will be like a sunshine bath"!

They couldn't wait to get in though and gave me lovely sunshine smiles! 
Eden loved playing with the yellow blocks - "build house!"
And Joplin had great fun with the yellow digger and car eventually parking the digger in the 'garage'

Green tomorrow!