Friday, 1 February 2013

Rainbow Bath Week Day 3: Green

Lots of fun was had last night on Green bath night! I added a bit of green shower gel which I probably wont do again as the white bubbles it formed slightly distracted from the green until they  dissipated.  Splashing to get the green back was lots of fun though!

 I filled a balloon half with water and Eden picked it up and very clearly said "heavy" which is not a word I thought he knew. I was quite impressed! When asked the colour of the water he kept saying "orange" though!! No "GREEN" bath Eden!! Maybe he was hungry - they are his favourite! Joplin was able to spell Green though out loud.
Eden was fascinated with the heavy balloon and really enjoyed playing with it.
Joplin loved playing with it too  - trying to push it under water and then watching it pop up. He thought as it was heavy it would sink but was fascinated with it's reaction. Definitely an experiment to explore another time - maybe a float / sink bath theme?
Best fun was squirting water though!!
 And the frog felt very at home!
 Next request Orange!

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