Monday, 4 February 2013

Bubble Dough

When I saw this post this morning on a new form of playdough I couldn't wait to make it!!
What was really great was that Eden pretty much made it all himself! It has only 2 ingredients that were easy to find in the cupboard - cornflour and washing up liquid.
First went in the cornflour! At this stage I just let Eden go gungho with the measurements. As it was fresh packets of both ingredients though I was lucky enough to be able to work out the quantities afterwards in case I want to do it again with a more scientific approach! I have written these at the end of the post.

 Next went in the washing up liquid. Ours was pomegranate flavour so it made the dough smell amazing!

He set to work mixing it all up - first with a spoon...
 and then he got his hands right in...... love the look of concentration!

 I then transferred it to a mat so he could play. It is such an awesome substance! The cornflour gives it that 'can't make up it's mind whether it's a solid or liquid' quality, so slow play gives a gooey trickly slime effect.....
 While it can be molded, and cut and broken into pieces at the same time......
 JJ loved it when he got home from school too, and cooked me 'beef stew!'

 It you want to give it a try without the guesswork here is what we used in terms of quantities.....
Cornflour 140g
Washing up liquid 100ml
The whole kitchen smelt wonderful as it was being played with so I would suggest using a scented  washing up liquid you like! The colour was key too and our pink dough went well with our pink day!

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