Monday, 11 February 2013

Sticks toy

I found these great sticks and connectors in the charity shop the other day and they have been a big hit. Joplin declared they were 'the best toy he has ever played with' today - until the next one anyway!
They initially weren't over fussed on making anything. I made a jointed square whilst Joplin made a sword and claimed my square as his 'sheild!'

Eden made a 'lolly pop'!
Then Eden started exploring by putting more complicated structures together.
 Joplin was at this point still playing soldier! I had more of a play and put together the bits that were left and Joplin then commandeered it saying it was his Batmobile! They played quite well with it for a while!

Joplin's new favorite structure to make is a 'Jumbo Jet' - a massive cross with as many pieces he can get to stay together! He zooms it around the house!
It was a great charity shop find anyway and well worth the £1.50!

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