Sunday, 24 February 2013


I had Eden to myself yesterday morning so we thought we'd do a little baking! We washed hands and got into aprons - Eden loved putting on his apron and thought he really looked the part!
 The butter was straight from the fridge so I thought it was a good chance to let Eden do some chopping to soften it up a bit - he loves a chance to chop!
After putting it in a bowl it was time to cream together the butter and sugar - we tried with the spoon but the butter was still a little stiff....
 .... so I let him get his hands in and give it a good old squish!
A bit more stirring and then after Eden had put in the cases he spooned in the mixture. 
 The best bit was licking out the bowl of course though!
 They were yummy when cooked too! Well done Eden!