Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Foam paint bath

Lots of fun at bath time tonight with a foam painting bath! I spied a 24p shaving foam at Tesco today and had to buy a couple of cans. We have played with bath foam a lot in our baths and I have usually avoided shaving foam due to the smell, but at 24p I had to give it a go and actually the smell was very mild.
I colour coded the containers as to what colour they would be and then filled the cups with foam. I then added a few drops of colouring to each cup ......
....then gave them a stir!
Here they are all ready for the bath!
 Joplin made a face with his first attempt
 Eden favoured the larger art!

 They definitely had lots of fun and the foam paint worked really well with paintbrushes - the brushes brought a new dynamic to painting in the bath as previously they had just used their hands.

 Joplin ended by exploring mixing of the colours in his hands and seeing what new colours he could come up with.