Friday, 22 February 2013


Joplin's has really taken an interest in drawing again and he has lots of inspiration for new things to draw which is great. He said he was going to draw our house and I expected a box with a door, window and roof - perhaps a tree. Instead he presented me with this......

...a full floor plan of our house! I love the way his mind works!

He also drew his family - Mummy emptying the dishwasher, him and Eden watching television and Daddy calling us all on the phone from work!!
 And today he drew the train station! It was continued on 2 more sheets up to platform 14 and then asked for more paper! He does like to continue a theme!
Finally here is what he came up with when I was teaching and gave him a pen and paper to amuse himself the other week.... numbers 1 - 100 (he got a bit confused after that and went into 1001 instead of 101!)