Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Spain Holiday pics!

Here are the highlight pics of our Spain holiday!
Both boys were excited by the plane journey - Eden didn't like it when it stared moving though!!

 Bunny was interested in the view!
We had great fun around the pool area and a great time swimming!
 The boys made a couple of friends by the pool which was nice! Rueben..
 .. and another little Welsh boy -  Mason!

The highlight was of course the beach!

 Dan got to work building the boys a sand car!

 Our apartment was lovely. Eden was cross one morning though as he didn't understand why he couldn't watch Dora on demand on the TV! Joplin responded by writing to the Spanish Government! (To Spanish Government, Eden wants Dora. From United Kingdom. )

We had lots of nice early evening outings to the playground and short walks. 

And the boys had the chance to sport their lovely tropical shirts from their Nannah and Grandad's cruise holiday!
 Although we mainly ate self catering,  was lovely to go out to dinner in the evening right on the beach - when the children finished their food, or between courses they could just run and play on the beach! It was a lovely walk and play along the beach afterwards too!

I even managed to get in a bit of crafty rock decorating!
 A really lovely holiday! Here is us saying goddbye to the beach on the last night!