Sunday, 14 July 2013

'Campers' summer party!

We had a fantastic day today at a summer party with friends! We all went camping together las year and it was such a success that we decided on a Summer Party! Alice found the fantastic Winchcombe Farm Tree House as a venue and it was just perfect.
It is a really wonderful venue in beautiful settings and we couldn't have been luckier with the weather!
The pirate ship was the first port of call for play! All the children got on so well together despite age differences. 

And then they found the mud!!! I had a wander to see where the boys had got to and then turned a corner to simultaneously see Eden waist deep with in the mud in his birthday suit and be personally pelted with mud! 

 Eden wasn't so impressed with the clean up though!
 Next stop mud kitchen! They really got into it and there was some serious cooking happening! Sifting, baking decorating, preparing, serving and proudly sharing their meals with each other!

Meanwhile there was time for a bit of a chill and a chat...

Before the fire was started and the real cooking of the BBQ
 and of course marshmallows!
A bit more playing and a bit of a guitar jam and then it was sadly time to pack up and go! We are trying to negotiate a camp there for next time!

A really lovely day! Thanks loads to Alice for organising and everyone for pitching in!


  1. Great blog Kerry! xx
    Anonymous is Lucy by the way!!

    1. Thanks Lucy! Looking forward to our next expedition! xx