Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Map paper gift favour bags.

I needed goodie bags for my son's Motorway themed birthday party and thought I would make them out of maps!
I found a road atlas for £2 which had more than enough pages and were perfectly the right size. I found a few tutorials for scrapbook paper gift bags but I thought I would share my steps for a specific map print one as I found a couple of alternative methods that worked well for me and also the ease of the graph of the map for measuring.
I didn't actually measure at all with a ruler but used the squares on the map for markings. I counted 2, then 5 , then 2 then 5 with an extra half for sticking along the long side. Marked on the top and right is the cut-off.
 After trimming, I creased the top square on the long side over. Then unfolded for the next step.
 I then folded 2 squares (for the sides of the bag), then 5, then 2 then 5. The extra half a square on the right was glued with a glue stick and then stuck to the left edge in the picture.
 I then folded in the edge I had prefolded earlier.

 I counted 7 squares from the tom and then folded in the base. I made a crease both ways on this.

 It was then flattened out so the '2 square' sides were creased in the middle ( so to look in the below picture there is 1 square then 5 then 1).
 The corners of the base were creased diagonally. I have made a pencil dot on the bottom right corner where I made the crease - the meeting point of the side crease and the bottom crease.
 I then took a rectangle of cardboard. Sized 2 squares by 5. This was glued as shown below.

 I then repeated the glue on the other side of the base ( you need to put hands inside for this step. )
 The rest of the base was then glued and folded in.
 And now upright....
 It just needs handles. Holding the top together I skewered it with a pencil and then threaded through  rafia ribbon. I knotted the insides and then secured it with tape.

Completed bags ready for the party!
 For motorway favour bag fillings I made a numberplate out of a Kit-kat, traffic lights from a Swizzels drumstick lolly ( black card taped over with sticker dots), a car kit, and I also put together a mosaic sticker kit based on a car theme.