Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Holiday! Water Park!

We had a wonderful holiday in Spain a couple of weeks ago and on a couple of the days went to Aqualand in Torremolinos! It was great fun and lots to do for Eden's age as well as older slides.
We started at the splash zones. There were 3 areas suitable for Eden and Joplin's age which they really enjoyed. The only slight drawback was that you weren't allowed to go down the slides with the children so I think there was a lot of smaller slides Eden would have gone down if he coule have gone down with us first. Still lots to do though and he loved trying to soak us with the water cannon and squirters!
This is Joplin on another of the kiddy slides..
A bit of chilling out.......
Then we went to try some of the bigger slides! Joplin was brave enough to try the big Rainbow so me and Dan took him on.

 Right next to that was a big slide that Dan went on..
Then we went to tackle the Rapids!

 Dan was brave enough to go on the highest slide....
and then the one next door which he said was rather bumpy on the back with all the twists!
The boys cheered him on!
 I had a go on a long twisty on down a hill and then we had a bit more lazing in the sun until time to go home!