Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Evenley Wood Gardens Fairy event

I was invited to flutter my wings at a wonderful fund raising fairy event they had a couple of weeks ago at Evenley Wood Gardens. It was such a lovely evening for children, adults and fairyfolk alike and in such a magical setting!
As I arrived I was greeted by the sight of a poppy field in full bloom right next door. Stunning!
I then set up a wing making and wand making area next to Fi's potion mixing stand.

My little fairies arrived later - Joplin was delighted when he was given a map to navigate the way to the gathering!

My other little fairy was tired but determined to enjoy the fun!

 There was lovely music happening with guitar, flute and an amazing Green Man playing the Hurdy Gurdy - it doesn't get more magical than that! We danced and flew with coloured scarves and played colour games.

 There were Morris men too, and lots of food and drink including a hog roast and ice-cream.

As it grew darker there was more singing which eventually migrated to Hurdy Gurdy and guitar around the campfire. Just lovely!