Thursday, 23 May 2013

Golf tees and hammers!

We've been having lots of fun with golf tees this week! Definitely a great 'toy' to have in the house! We had an old bit of polystyrene packaging lying around so I gave Eden a hammer (the meat tenderiser from the kitchen drawer) and the golf tees and let him go for it!
He spent a long time to start with with just the one tee trying to get it in just right

 He then really got the hang of it and just went mad!

 I cut up a pound shop pool noodle thinking Eden could help make a sculpture and made him a 'robot' to give him an idea.
Poor Robot was hammered down to the block though!!

 When Joplin came home from school he took over and had a great time hammering slices of noodle to the board and creating a 'work of art'!