Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Stomp and catch / launch board / Joey Jump

Not really sure what these are called in the UK as they seem to have a lot of names around the world but I can't seem to find one here! Actually that is one of the reasons that I decided to make them as I couldn't find them anywhere. I'm glad I did though as it took under an hour to make 3 and £7 total cost.  Eden has been loving playing with one in his gym class and I thought it would be both a great toy from my boys and also at a games obstacle course style party. I took inspiration here and made my own!

I found a plank of wood 2400mm X 6mm X 90mm for £6 in B&Q and a pvc waste pipe for £1 in Wicks. (Screws were discovered in our shed!). B&Q cut the plank into 3 for me in the store so each board measured 800mm X 90mm 6mm.

I measured 5" from one end of the plank (originally 6" but the 5" ones seemed to work better) and then after sawing a length of pipe the width of the plank (with my hacksaw from Deddington Natural Parenting Playgroup's swapshop!) I screwed it on. I drew a line to help where the screws went in. (Yes I know I've switched to imperial measures but the ruler I was using at the time at this point was in inches!)
(I need to still sand the edges - the screws are far enough in to be safe though.)
I finished by sticking on some sticky back foam to the end (after the noise of the first few goes by the boys on the wooden floor!!)

These are some of the action shots of the fun! I didn't have bean bags to hand but I did have a few beanie babies which fitted the bill perfectly - who says that kiwi's don't fly!?