Saturday, 1 December 2012

A visit from Auntie Jill and Uncle Derrick and a magic tree!

We had a lovely visit from Auntie Jill and Uncle Derrick on Thursday. It was really nice to see them as ever.

 They bought the boys a present of a 'Magic Tree"! This is the picture from the website of the shop it originally came from (with the crazy price of £8! - Savvy Auntie Jill found it in a charity shop still in perfect new condition at an 8th of the price). It is supposed to turn from a Christmas tree into a small then large Santa over 3 days. Anyway, Joplin had great fun pouring in the water and  we all watched the tree fizzle away and begin to change into something different.

However we must have the truly magical version as this is what appeared in ours:-

 Most definitely a snowman!! It is very cool and just as fun, but double the fun as Joplin really doesn't get it, and despite me explaining that we must have the snowman and not Santa version he still keeps telling everyone it is going to turn into Santa!! Very funny!