Wednesday, 28 November 2012


It occurred to me today that although I am proud of the way Joplin's language is developing, there are some wrongly pronounced words that I will miss so much when he looses them.
The main ones that sprang to mind today:-
Amliance (Ambulance)
Serventry (Conservatory)
my personal favourite:-
Teasure-mape (Tape Measure)
Tyre Monster (his current favourite song 'Alternative Ulster')

I'm sure there are more - will update if any come to mind!

Eden is talking loads more too. I find it very funny that his first very clear sentence is "Naughty Joplin!" He is great on beginnings and endings of words and sentences but does a very cute "blululula" in the middle, so Mike the Knight becomes "Mike blulula knight".
He is managing a very clear "Joplin" now as well as a very cute Mummy and Daddy ("tank Mummy" melts my heart each time!) but Nannah and Grandad are still Na and Gra. Love you lots is just "Lots". He is really making himself understood though and is coming out with so many more each day. I think he may even turn into a chatterbox in the end!