Friday, 16 November 2012

Santa's Lost Map Grid Activity

I found this print out last night on Teachers Notebook and knew instantly that Joplin would love it! He loves maps and we are trying to teach him how map references work, so this was a perfect activity. You can download the printout here - you need to sign up but there are loads of great printables.

Anyway - here is Joplin engrossed! He had to pick up a sleigh with a child's name and a map reference on it. He then looked on the chart to find the map reference on the grid - eg. Ryan is at D4. On each grid reference is a picture of a toy and on D4 is a train. Therefore Ryan's toy is a train. Joplin then had to write the child's name by the toy picture on a recording sheet.

It really kept him occupied for a while and he used his writing skill as well as leaning to read map grids. Great game and even better free!

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