Thursday, 15 November 2012

Cupboard door blackboard

After my spice rack on the inside one of my cupboard doors I have been thinking I really should utilise the other cupboard door. I had some chalkboard cloth left over from the chalkboard / placemats, and as I'm always forgetting what I need to buy by the time it comes to setting off for Tescos, a blackboard seemed the obvious solution.
I had some left over fabric from the seatcovers (gosh - a lot of links in this post already - sorry about that!) so it all tied in nicely for a pocket at the bottom to store the chalk and a fleece cloth to wipe the board.

So here it is!   I was slightly concerned that I may have to write it all out again when I went shopping but I just took a picture on my phone of the list and referred to the picture whilst shopping! I'm really enjoying it - there's something about writing in chalk that makes you feel special! Maybe it's because it was such a treat to get to write on the board at school!!

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