Saturday, 8 December 2012

Starry day

This was actually a couple of weeks ago but as I packed away the big box 'rocket ship to make way for the Christmas tree I was reminded that I hadn't posted it yet.

These were both ideas I had seen separately on Pinterest and seemed to work well together for a themed starry day!

We started by making a starry sky in a jar! An old jam jar filled with blue glitter, warm water and a little glue. (I actually used pva which was a mistake as I should have gone for clear glue. The glue thickens the water and makes the glitter take longer to settle after shaken, however pva is cloudy wheras the clear doesn't show. I later made another one with silver glitter and glitter glue which uses clear glue. This was a lot clearer). The boys had the most fun mixing it all up - Joplin loves an experiment! Eden loved stirring it all up. When we were finished we gave it a good shake and then watched the glitter swirling around for a good couple of minutes before it settled. They were most impressed and the word 'Wow' was certainly uttered!

 We then found all the cardboard boxes we could to put them all together with half a roll of gaffer tape to make a 'rocket ship'! The best part about this rocket ship though was the  'sky'! A string of fairy lights poking through the top made a starry night sky to look up at! Joplin loved chilling out in it!

A very starry day!