Friday, 7 December 2012

Busy 2 year old!

Eden is really great at entertaining himself - a lot better than his brother! I love watching him play. Lately his favourite toys is the train set including remarkably the crane which I never thought would bet any use! He is fascinated with the way the magnet picks up the blocks and how he can manover them into position. The concentration is intense!

 He also absolutely loves jigsaws and is very logical about his method of solving them. He especially loves a set given to him by his Nannah and Grandad, and a Fireman Sam Large one that Joplin was given for his birthday. He completes the Fireman Sam one in a specific order - Nee Nah first then Sam then helicoptor etc! The smaller ones he completes one at a time starting with Rocket Ship, Car, Train then Bus! I think he is even better at jigsaws than his older brother!
 We also had a fun kitchen activity the other day when I let him hammer golf tees into a melon! The potty made a good balancing place and juice catcher! He really enjoyed his 'work'! The golf tees have been a great toy actually. He can put them into order of colours, and Joplin works on patterns with them. They do get thrown around the kitchen though a bit but again picking them up and putting back is a task that Eden can manage and is usually pleased to help with.