Sunday, 2 December 2012

Snowman outfit finished!!

Both boys have been told they need to be a snowman for their separate Christmas productions at Nursery and School - result! Only one costume to make that they can share! Fortunately the productions are a few days apart with Joplin's first, so I will have a weekend to make adjustments and probably need to take it up for Eden.
The boys can be reluctant when it comes to dressing up in public so I wanted to make it as near to normal clothes as I could. I found some great fur fleece fabric in white with a bit of stretch and so I dug out my favourite pattern for some seriously fluffy trousers! I have used this pattern so many times right from newborn sizes and I think there's still a couple of years left yet. Actually I have very tempted to scale it up for my size - they always seem so comfy looking! Anyway the pattern can be found here. I used the extra large pattern with the large on the waistband and added a bit of elastic for the waistband - the waist is generous on the pattern as it is meant to go over cloth nappies. I made them a little long with a large hem - hopefully this can serve as a turn up for Eden, and also maybe give a couple more years use!
For the top I made a pattern from a waistcoat / gillet that fitted Joplin and made it slightly more generous at the sides so it could fasten in the middle. As the fabric doesn't fray and is so fluffy I didn't even need to hem it. I fastened it on the tummy with a strip of velcro then sewed on two felt 'buttons'.
Add a white t-shirt underneath, and a scarf and hat and Ta-da! - one complete snowman costume! I can't wait to see the boys in it in their productions!!

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